Is he/she really in to you? Let’s ask Tim Ervin @theweekendpass

We’ve all been there… You know what I’m talking about, you believe the words that are coming out of a person’s mouth despite the actions that are right before your face.  Once the situation (nope, it wasn’t really a relationship) dissolves, you look back and can see all of the signs that he/she wasn’t ever really in to you.  You wanted make things work so bad, for whatever reason, and you chose to overlook the red flags and the elephant in the room staring you in the face.

Join my guest, Tim Ervin, and I as we discuss the signs that will help you to figure out if the man/woman in your life is really feeling you the way you think they are.  Make sure you tune in to this show because I will be making a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show.

How do you know? What are the signs that he/she isn’t really in to you? We want to know what you think… join us tonight on Blog Talk Radio (March 29, 2011 at 10pm CST).

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About Tim Ervin….

Founder, The Weekend Pass

For more than three years Timothy C. Ervin has been keeping the River Region informed that “There is always something to do in Montgomery”.   In 2008, Ervin founded The Weekend Pass — an e-newsletter, website and magazine that features weekly information entertainment events, concerts, plays, live performances and much more. Simply, it’s strictly to let you know what’s going on in Montgomery.  In 2010, Ervin was named one of theUltimate 50 by Montgomery Spotlight Magazine and named one of Spotlight Alabama Magazine’s Power 40 Under 40.

Ervin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications / Public Relations from Alabama State University and has more than 20 years of media relations, marketing, communications and writing experience.  He is currently employed as a media relations specialist for ASU and in that capacity he developed a magazine series celebrating the 25th Year of ASUToday Magazine.  The five part series profiled 25 Outstanding Alumni in Education; Medicine; Government, Military and Law; Business; and Arts and Entertainment.  The series was awarded the 2010 Award of Excellence for Publications by the Public Relations Council of Alabama and the 2010 Lantern Award by the Southern Public Relations Federation.

He also created and maintains the Hornet Happenings: Weekly Buzz, an e-newsletter which is distributed to more than 8,000 alumni, students, media, faculty, staff and friends of ASU – the first of its kind for the university.

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What are the dangers of sexting?

It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new video or new pictures of some celebrity being posted in the media.

As much as we may want to deny it, celebrities aren’t the only ones sexting (yes, that is sending sexy texts) in our society.  However, if we know the implications of posting these racy photos and videos in cyberspace what makes people still do it?  And why do they deny it once the photos/videos have been leaked?

Join social media all-star, Joseph “JJ” James and I as we discuss various relationship issues including sex, lies and videos.

I know you have something to say, so join us on Blog Talk Radio, tonight (March 15, 2011 at 10pm) for a lively discussion.

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This business rocks… @MochaWriter

One of the criteria for me to consider a business “rocking” is their desire to use their business not only to make a profit but to share their network with others and to make the business world a better place to work.  I know that may sound weird but what’s the point of building a powerful network just to use it for yourself or to try to pimp out your connections (you know, charging people for access to your connections)?

My friend, Jamie Fleming is the Owner of a copywriting service, Mocha Writer.  I feel comfortable referring her to clients because I trust the quality of her work.  Her process is so effortless.  We have completed several projects solely through email communication and I was 100% pleased with the quality of the finished project.

Writing copy for a website, newsletter or press release can be extremely time-consuming and often creatively challenging. To attain success, we have to learn how to work smarter, not harder.  Hiring a professional copywriter to join your team is solid investment.

Check Jamie out…

Get fabulous copywriting that works.

This business rocks! S.H.E. Agency

I’ve written about what a great person I think Traci Smith is on a couple of previous occasions but today I want to share with you five (5) reasons I think her company, S.H.E. Agency rocks.

5.   SHE keeps me updated on the professional events in Montgomery.  Even though I don’t live in the city and rarely get out for socializing, Traci consistently provides information about events I find professional and interesting.

4.  SHE is a trendsetter.  I have had so many people, who don’t live in our area, ask what a Tweet and Greet is.  So far, Traci has hosted two events with a third planned for April.  At each event, I have the opportunity to network with people I tweet on an almost daily basis.  I was surprised at how few local tweople were in my network prior to attending the first Tweet and Greet.  Many of the people who I have met at the two events have become very good friends.

3.  SHE has a heart.  Traci uses her company to reach out and help others.  SHE has created two signature events that have the potential to change the lives of many young people.  “All Dolled Up” and “All Tied Up” were created for girls and boys, respectively, between the ages of 13 and 18.  The half day workshops teach life skills that are essential to the success of these future professionals as well as showing them how to tie scarves and ties.

2.  SHE is a sponsor of the I Want It All! Conference.  This is a shameless plug because anyone who has ever planned a major event knows that it takes a village to execute a one day event.  I am in the midst of planning four days of seminars, breakfasts, lunches, a brunch, networking event and a fashion show.  Having Traci and S.H.E. Agency on my team gives me comfort because she not the type of person to let you down, especially if her name is associated with the project.

1.  SHE understands quality over quantity.  I love the fact that SHE stays focused on what SHE does well and doesn’t try to be all over the road in an attempt to please everyone.  SHE has found her niche and I am excited to see what comes next.

Style. Hot. Energy.

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Are you up for the challenge? Pretty Girls Rock Dresses…

I love getting dressed up but because I work from home, I don’t always make the effort.  However, I  came across this event on Facebook and decided I would try it out.  Will you join?  (Leave a comment and we can keep tabs on each other)

The PRETTY GIRLS ROCK “DRESSES” Challenge will start Tuesday, March 1, 2011 and concludes July 1, 2011.

Cross front v-neck dress, Victoria's Secret

1. We will rock dresses and heels like our mothers & grandmothers at least THREE (3) times a week.
2. We will reject the impulse to throw on jeans, jogging suits (even the cute kind), & dress slacks.
3. Exchange our revelations and thoughts throughout this challenge. (See Facebook event)
4. Invite a Friend(s), Take Pics, & HAVE FUN.
5. Everyone is WELCOME to participate.
6. Exceptions: Flattering Dress Suits with nice accessories are allowed.
7. If you have a blog share it with your followers.

Let’s bring back:
*GLAMOUR. *GRACE. *CHARM. *FEMININTY. *PRISSYness (is that a word?) and most of all BEAUTY.

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Spring/Summer 2011 Challenge.  For more information, contact Dearroka Winfrey on Facebook.